Saturday, 25 August 2012

Making games and taking names (also, shirt)

Made small progress on our guys, posed and fixed 1:72 man and made a face to 1:64 guy. It's more true to scale than previous faces so it was quite nerve wracking to make. That's the thing with Green Stuff. It's relaxing and panic inducing at the same time. I'll get some time to work on it and post more updates.

In the meantime, I've also made a design for a T-shirt and submitted it to We're now waiting for its approval so it can go through to voting. It can't hurt if you guys click through and like it with your facebooks:

Go ahead, click in there!

Aside from that I'm also collaborating with a couple of talented dudes on making an iOs platform TURN BASED SQUAD STRATEGY AWESOME!!!!
Now I'm done with the shirt I can work some more on this.
Here is the embryonic first concept/thing.

I haven't forgotten about the illustration for ETC and I also made some incredibly minor advances on it. If I need to rest from working I'll work on this more (it's a very long ways aways this).

I've made this digital drawing after a funny thought I've had regarding the "restoration" of the Ecce Homo Christ mural and a friendly gentleman commissioned a high-res version from me which you can see here, in lower res.

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