Sunday, 30 June 2013

Run, tiny miniature sci fi soldier. Run!

Recap: I'm an aspiring miniatures sculptor and hope to make games commercially. Right now I work as a full time graphic artist at an educational games company. My serious hobby is sculpting; currently I'm working on a batch of three science fiction units in 1:56 scale. This scale conforms very nicely to the popular miniatures size 28mm. The sci-fi troops are a type of orbital insertion infantry I call planetFallers. The design aesthetic is inspired by 80's-90's science fiction, a retro futuristic look. Another important factor to me is the apparent functionality and reality grounding of the design: it needs to look like something that might actually work.

Here we are with the third guy. I did some work on the "cast" rifle and attached it to the posed arm armatures. I then added a hand and sleeve + accoutrements. You'll note I also added some radio or small module to his left side. I also finished the backpack by sculpting the two lid clasps there.

I think like the other guys he looks as if his thighs are too thin so I'll thicken them up some next.

I've gotten some feedback on what to do next and several have suggested a command and support figures. If you guys have suggestion as to what that might mean in terms of gear and pose that would be sweet. I'm thinking of doing a "heavy" type character with more armor like an exo-suit for support role.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Scribers gonna scribe

A story in pictures.

I worked on the 1:100 modern IDF; adding pant leg and puffing out his pockets, added another boot.

Here's a random idea: you might have heard about weird wars theme which is basically World War 2 + what if occult stuff was real. Vampires and zombies etc. What would you think about Weird Arab Israeli wars?!?!? Though, the whole issue might be too touchy to do anything other than straight edge historical fidelity. It has a curious appeal in my mind. You could have maybe both sides teaming up against the old gods or zombie aliens.

But I like historical pretty good too.

I made another styrene rifle.

Made a press mold out of a green stuff/brown stuff mix. I found it holds the details better.

I "cast" a glob of green stuff/brown stuff mix. Mixed results. Some of the details that I added directly in the mold didn't cut it at all for me. 

Bought this plastic scriber.

Worked some more on the model. 

Made a super sculpey press mold.

A green stuff/brown stuff mix is curing inside of it as I write this. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Styrene attempt 1:56/28mm planetFaller rifle

Mostly eyeballing and seeing what I can do and how to work.
I'm considering doing a 2 part press mold so I can replicate it in Green Stuff.

Monday, 24 June 2013

1:56 planetFaller rifle, 1:100 modern IDF

Working on the rifle, it's coming along. I've taken a little detour and also started on a 1:100 modern IDF. I'm doing it because I think an Israeli/Arab conflict mod for Flames of War would be awesome and I sort of want to see what it might be like. Also, 15mm is a handy scale for other types of wargames, you can play Force on Force in 15mm.

I want to make several dudes, possibly of different eras. I'll probably need to research more, I have several books so once this guy is done I'll have a look-see to find good references.

Check out how tiny 1:100 is compared to the 1:56. Some details, like the sole of the boot, will have to be shaved after it cures.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bob's your uncle - 2/3 done sort of

Here we go. After multiple thin thigh feedbacks I augmented the legs (he never asked for this). I also added the shoulder pads with some weathering and started on the third gun.

Starting to consider what I'll work on next. I really want to do some 1:100 stuff but I also want to do more of the planetFaller universe to keep the momentum going so most likely it'll be a split between the two. Next up will be some more special type of troopers, maybe heavy armor, support, drone operator, command etc. etc. If you have an idea I'd like to hear.

Comments welcome as always.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Another day another update - planetFallers

Magically did some work today. You'll note the right foot got chopped off and re-aligned. The left foot got a bit of an extension. The back of the left knee was padded. Added barrels to the rifle and sleeves to the arms.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Work update - planetFallers 28mm sci fi drop troopers

I'm currently sculpting 3 figures in 1:56 scale. 1:56 is a good corresponding scale to the popular size "28mm". I'm working in green stuff mostly which is PSI Kneadatite blue/yellow. I'm also adding some brown stuff to the mix when I want harder edges on stuff. The intended use of the figures is miniature wargaming.

The theme is a near to medium future science fiction military unit who are borne on a spaceship and inserted to the combat zone from orbit; an orbital drop troop I've tentatively name planetFallers.

I've completed some work on the next two guys adding the backpack, pouches etc. on the "running" figure and completed a good portion on the gunwork as hands and attaching thereof to the main body with the "advancing" figure.

I completed three Flames of War German panzergrenadier infantry teams from the Open Fire! boxed set. Two MG teams and a rifleman team.

Friday, 14 June 2013

28mm planetFallers update

More progress.

Take note of the barrel on the top smart munitions bullpup

check out the clasps and weathering on the bag

This guy got a helmet and the pouches

working on the gun for the other guy

Also I painted up some FOW dudes. When the GS cures I'll base them; a process I greatly enjoy.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Backpacks on - planetFallers WIP (28mm sci fi)

Got some work in. Decided to do the backpack as part of the main body. Some of the soft edges I'll go over with a knife and improve.