Sunday, 16 June 2013

Another day another update - planetFallers

Magically did some work today. You'll note the right foot got chopped off and re-aligned. The left foot got a bit of an extension. The back of the left knee was padded. Added barrels to the rifle and sleeves to the arms.


Stargazer said...


I am back again. And well - your progress keeps me wonder as the new guy(s) seems to be a little skinny. To be honst: despite I really like him and the pose don't like the figures shape. In comparison to the boots and the equipment, this guy looks like he ist made of skin and bones. I mean. This is a planetFaller, a guy dropping onto a planet from orbit. He should have some more shape. Especially around his lower body and knees.


Once again: I really like him, but I can hardly imagine him to be a "badass" Para guy.

Just my thoughts.

Take care!


Nadav Igra said...

Yeah. Several people pointed it out. I'll try to improve the musculature. Thanks for the important feedback.

Black Guardian said...

Stargazer already pointed out what I was about to say:

The tights (upper legs) definitely need more substance. Even my legs (as a plain civilian) are more musculous :D

Apart from that, the detail on the equipment is great! With a little more substance he will look great!