Monday, 24 June 2013

1:56 planetFaller rifle, 1:100 modern IDF

Working on the rifle, it's coming along. I've taken a little detour and also started on a 1:100 modern IDF. I'm doing it because I think an Israeli/Arab conflict mod for Flames of War would be awesome and I sort of want to see what it might be like. Also, 15mm is a handy scale for other types of wargames, you can play Force on Force in 15mm.

I want to make several dudes, possibly of different eras. I'll probably need to research more, I have several books so once this guy is done I'll have a look-see to find good references.

Check out how tiny 1:100 is compared to the 1:56. Some details, like the sole of the boot, will have to be shaved after it cures.

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