Saturday, 24 August 2013

1:56/28mm Warpunk Orc finished.

This is a 1:56 scale miniature sculpt, a good equivalent to so called 28mm size. The character is a an Orc, designed to depart from traditional representations. The Warpunk theme is an amalgamation of the fantasy genre and 20th century military; a sort of "what if" scenario with the industrial revolution taking place in the fantasy world with magic replacing steam power. The sculpt is mostly Kraftmark's ProCreate putty over a wire armature with Green Stuff (PSI blue/yellow Kneadatite).

I developed a new tab making method which produces a more consistent and satisfying result. The hole and dowel method for the shield works perfectly, it stays stuck in place with no adhesive. I redid the right boot completely and modified the left one’s toe.

Comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome.

Monday, 19 August 2013

I'm slogging it ™

Almost finished, I'll just complete the shield and give him a tab. I've been working a little slowly lately as it's been a period of adjustment of sorts for me. I'm working through a wide array of things. Hopefully I'll start picking up speed soon enough.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Orcs are misunderstood Elves (born of black magic)

Sorry for the long delay. I was out of commission with a viral sickness of some sort.
Added flak jacket, hair, ears, pocketses. I think I might re-do the side lace thing because it's not so great.

The current miniature is a 1:56 scale Fantasy Orc in the "warpunk" theme which incorporates elements from mid 20th century military. I'm working mostly in Kraftmark's ProCreate Putty which is rather nice. 1:56 is a good fit for the size known as "28mm".

The design of the Orc's appearance is more humanized or mellower than what you usually meet. I just like to tell a different aspect, I suppose. Orcs were originally made (according to Tolkien lore) in the image of Elves. I wanted maybe to show that a little also.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Orc boots

I done some more work on the Warpunk Orc. I thought maybe things with the words "punk" in them might be overplayed already so I'll accept suggestions for other terms to describe fantasy and 20th century military.

Still learning the PC putty ropes. Still struggling with sculpting boots. I was inspired by jungle boots.