Friday, 27 September 2013

planetFaller commander


I've sculpted this miniature using an epoxy putty called ProCreate made by a company called Kraftmark. I also used blue/yellow Kneadatite AKA Green Stuff by PSI.

The scale is 1:56 which is a good fit for the so called 28mm scale.

The planetFallers are a science fiction orbital drop troop. This miniature is a commander type. He is maybe giving a description of the layout of the battle ground or issuing some orders.

Comments, questions, request, criticism and random sentences are welcome.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vaseline pros and cons

So, Vaseline yeah?
I've been avoiding using it at all because of a major reason: it prevents more putty from sticking to where you used it. You have to clean it off, so you wait until the putty is cured and then with alcohol and q-tip remove the residue. I'm not even sure even that is a perfect solution, it might cause problems with bits not being that well stuck on.

It's a dangerous substance.

But having tried it a couple of times I realized, it's superior to water for lubrication. For good and bad.

When I really want to kick smoothness up a notch I should use it.

The kicker is, though, that you can't get it off and revert to a non vaseline state before curing; if anyone knows different is please advise!!!!
So it must be used wisely.

Another benefit over water is you can use a thin layer and you don't get a huge droplet obscuring everything which happens every now and again and annoying you. Don't have to keep dipping and moistening your tool. But the residue is problematic to get traction on your putty after you don't need it to be lubricated.

Ideally I'd glop the stuff on if I figured out a way to clean it off while the putty is still soft without hurting the sculpted features. Then I could apply and remove as needed.

In the meantime here's progress. There's a bit of work left to go yet.

So if you know about how to clean it off like that please tell me. Also tell me of other lubricants that might be awesome besides water.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Impromptu duck shadow puppet

Recap- I'm working on sculpting a series of science fiction troopers I call planetFallers. The scale is 1:56 which is a good fit for "28mm" sized miniatures. I'm working with Green Stuff which is blue/yellow Kneadatite by PSI and ProCreate putty by kraftmark.

This update you can see I've reproduced a nice copy(on one side) of the styrene gun. I added some earlier pictures so you can see the process better.

I had a hell of a time with the left hand. I wanted to give the character a pose as if he is giving orders or describing a combat situation. Or giving an impromptu duck shadow-puppet show.

Here is a little progress on a whole lot of Panzergrenadiers from the Open Fire! box set. Seriously, that set is ridiculous for how much goes in that thing. After I finish these guys, I will still have to assemble and paint like, 5 more tanks to complete everything. Whew! 

I guess next I'll do a wash and highlights and some detail paint. Then it's on to basing- my favorite! 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Star Trek Attack Wing - repaint Enterprise D

Here's a step by step of how I did my Star Trek Attack Wing (WizKids) - Enterprise D. I did a whole bunch of stuff wrong so, it's not really a tutorial per se. Take from it what you will.

I went for a grungy, weathered look.

Starts out vanilla with a wash of shade that I just put on it because it looks really bad at first.

Paint all over with gunmetal. The luminescent bits I painted white and masked with liquid mask. Did a terrible job of it.

Shade wash and drybrush highlights.
Then I apply a layer of chipping effect fluid. Same effect might be achieved with hair spray. I put too much of this, accidentally.

Paint gray all over.

Wash shade and drybrush highlights.

 Then I wet the paint and chip the paint.

Then I sealed it with fixative (it's what I got, I guess matte varnish would be better). Then I Removed the mask and painted and repainted the lit areas. I washed the thing several times over and highlighted as well.

Monday, 16 September 2013

planetFaller Commander and Klingon Starship

Here's a little update and some pictures of a Klingon ship from the Star Trek Attack Wing game (from WizKids) that I repainted. You can see in one picture the before and after.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

planetFaller commander

I've been quiet for a while because- I'm working on a prototype that took a lot of research and stuff, I've also been not working while I've been alternatingly sick and zonked out because of meds and zonked out because of side effects of the ADHD pills (I'm on different ones now, long story). 

Anyway, I got myself to work again. I hope to have more and cooler stuff to show. 

Started again on this 1:56/28mm planetFaller commander. 
I've got another, different themed character in the queue after him.