Saturday, 21 September 2013

Impromptu duck shadow puppet

Recap- I'm working on sculpting a series of science fiction troopers I call planetFallers. The scale is 1:56 which is a good fit for "28mm" sized miniatures. I'm working with Green Stuff which is blue/yellow Kneadatite by PSI and ProCreate putty by kraftmark.

This update you can see I've reproduced a nice copy(on one side) of the styrene gun. I added some earlier pictures so you can see the process better.

I had a hell of a time with the left hand. I wanted to give the character a pose as if he is giving orders or describing a combat situation. Or giving an impromptu duck shadow-puppet show.

Here is a little progress on a whole lot of Panzergrenadiers from the Open Fire! box set. Seriously, that set is ridiculous for how much goes in that thing. After I finish these guys, I will still have to assemble and paint like, 5 more tanks to complete everything. Whew! 

I guess next I'll do a wash and highlights and some detail paint. Then it's on to basing- my favorite! 

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