Thursday, 19 September 2013

Star Trek Attack Wing - repaint Enterprise D

Here's a step by step of how I did my Star Trek Attack Wing (WizKids) - Enterprise D. I did a whole bunch of stuff wrong so, it's not really a tutorial per se. Take from it what you will.

I went for a grungy, weathered look.

Starts out vanilla with a wash of shade that I just put on it because it looks really bad at first.

Paint all over with gunmetal. The luminescent bits I painted white and masked with liquid mask. Did a terrible job of it.

Shade wash and drybrush highlights.
Then I apply a layer of chipping effect fluid. Same effect might be achieved with hair spray. I put too much of this, accidentally.

Paint gray all over.

Wash shade and drybrush highlights.

 Then I wet the paint and chip the paint.

Then I sealed it with fixative (it's what I got, I guess matte varnish would be better). Then I Removed the mask and painted and repainted the lit areas. I washed the thing several times over and highlighted as well.


Stargazer said...

Hey Nadav,

Good work on the 1701-D.

In my opinion, the ship is a bit too dark in its hole shape. The real Enterprise has a more light white-grey hull color. On the other hand, those light effects just look terrific!

But I really like it!

Take care


Nadav Igra said...

Thanks. Yeah, she's dark. It's for two reasons- the main one being to get more contrast for dramatic lighting effect. The second being that in space, it's dark. So if you look at pictures of the Enterprise in the series, it's usually mostly dark.