Monday, 29 July 2013

Working and making progress - warpunk and sci-fi (28mm)

Here's some of my work in progress on a warpunk Orc swordsman and a planetFaller commander. I also started on a Hard Suit or armored-exoskeleton code named "duckling". I think I'll continue work on the duckling with Super Sculpey rather than epoxy putty for the consideration that it's just going to be a lot of material.

All are in 1:56 scale which can be considered a good fit for most 28mm sized miniatures. I'll keep working with the PC putty for the meantime. It's hard when you don't have that familiarity with the putty's work life behaviour but I think it'll be worth it because of the results.

I wanted to design a different kind of Orc. I mean, one that doesn't have a huge triangle jaw and jutting underbite fangs and a pig nose. My Orc is more human-like with prominent brow and a recessed jaw. Later I'll add pointy-batlike ears and a flowing head of hair!

You can also see my box that I started making. I was inspired by a youtube video where Adam Savage built a gun case for his Blade Runner replica pistol.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A knee patch is not always a knee patch.

A fellow, nicknamed Ramshackle Curtis, commented on the lead adventure forums that the knees didn't appear to protrude enough. He went as far as to attach reference to back his critique! What a thoughtful thing to do. I patched the knees up to have more strain against the fabric and mass.

Also, I noted from a certain angle the somewhat out of proportion arms seemed freakish weird long because of how the thorax seemed to be cut off from the arm so I padded it up to look better.

Monday, 15 July 2013

I raise dead people. All the time.

A 1 to 56 miniature sculpted with Kraftmark ProCreate epoxy putty. 1:56 scale is a very good fit for the size called 28mm. The actual size of most 28mm miniatures is around 32-34mm. A man with an average height of 1.8 meters will be 32mm tall at 1 to 56. This Gnome is scaled to measure approximately 1.45 meters tall so he is smaller than his peers.

The genre I call Warpunk is a mix between your prevalent fantasy setting(wizards, goblins, gelatinous cubes, etc) and mid 20th century military theme (WW2, Korea, Cold war, Vietnam etc. etc.). You can have wizards casting brutal spells with factory made staves, tanks powered by magical gems, spec-ops sniper elves and weaponized rust monsters.

This gnome is intended to be a Necromancer figure; a wizard specializing in death magic. He fights among the other ground dwelling races. Gnomes are a strong techno-magical faction and practical thinkers. Combat necromancers are therefore a standard troop to accompany any major force. As the living fall, the necromancers ply their trade; they may turn the tide of battle or push an advantage into a devastating victory.

Demigods, immortal kings and extra-dimensional entities lead their forces against one another in a brutal war. The recent magic-industrial revolution sees a new scale of fighting: a war that spans the sphere with multitudes fighting and countless dead.

On the battlefields of this strange realm wizards are among the elite; the necromancers are never in short supply of ammunition. Wights flow out of deep and forgotten tombs deep beneath the ground. Skeletons burst out of the earth at the feet of the enemy. The slain, gruesome, rise again and strike their former allies. Ghoulish screams and deranged chatter follow this Mage. As the dead tear the flesh of foes, the fighting Gnomes and their allies cheer with fierce rage.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Warpunk Gnome WIP 28mm

Warpunk - a genre mash up of fantasy and 20th century military. The scale height of this gnome is approximately 1.45 meters. He is at 1:56 which is a perfect fit for most 28mm sized miniatures. T

This gnome necromancer is a powerful unit on the battlefield. Raising the fallen to strike their comrades, giving his dead allies honor beyond death and summoning his own host of undead. He also has spells to attack and defend himself, perhaps rotting the living flesh off of a foe or throwing a bolt of frozen energy that can injure and kill.

Almost there now. Without going too much into it right now, I think the Kraftmark ProCreate putty is just dreamy. I've yet to gain the necessary experience with it to be as familiar as I am with Green Stuff but I think it might just fit my temperament better. Also, a huge bonus is simply the fact that it's grey and photographs so much better than GS.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Warpunk gnome necromancer - 1:56/28mm

Made some rather enjoyable progress with the gnome. I'm starting to get a feel for the ProCreate putty. 
The sculpt is a 1:56 warpunk Gnome necromancer. A remake of an earlier sculpt in 1:52.
I'm really happy with how some aspects are looking, and disappointed with some others. I guess that's how it always is, though. 
Warpunk is a genre incorporating traditional fantasy elements with mid-20th century military theme. 
Note the comparison photo with the 1:52 sculpt. A subtle but powerful difference. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

It turns out I'm mental

I've got ADHD. 

To be more specific I've been very recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder - Predominantly Inattentive. I'm 33 years old by the way.

I don't know what exactly to say about this condition.

I wanted to share it and I know some folks read the blog here.

I want to tell you what it's like for me. Both to live like this so far and to learn the news; which was shocking, expectable, relieving and infuriating.

You can read wherever you like about the condition and the symptoms but on a more personal level I wanted to tell you how it feels.

It feels like you're floating through life with nothing to hold on; being constantly and violently thrown around a tumultuous ocean scape catching fleeting glimpses of things to hold on to, touching them for a moment and they disappear again.

Things don't make sense, there's no order to what's happening. No plan you make ever takes hold. Everything evaporates, disintegrates and vanishes. You don't know why, where has time gone, why all your potential and ability never coalesce and manifest in any meaningful way.

You are always a stranger, a strange person, a weirdo. My social skills are severely lacking. Always an outsider. Even among the outsiders. Friends, with whom you've shared a strong bond of love, float away and disappear. I can't even maintain a close relation with my immediate relatives. I just forget, I get distracted. I can't mobilise the mental energy to maintain the relationships. Social interaction is exhausting and confusing.

You lose things. You neglect things. You avoid things.

It's disappointment after disappointment. Failure follows failure. You don't know why. The only thing that keeps you going is sheer dogged determination. Faith, or belief, that despite it all you must make something of yourself. Even when I win a battle, I learned to prepare myself for inevitably losing the war.

I can't afford to allow myself to feel hope.

A mental health professional, an expert in the field, has advised me that I have a severe case of ADHD-PI. I've went home in an emotional turmoil. I had expected, or wanted to learn, that something really was wrong with me. That it wasn't who I am, that it wasn't my fault; and it really wasn't.

I've got a condition, a dysfunction.

Now perhaps, there is another way for me to be. A different sort of way for me to live, to be able to keep track of things, to organize myself, to mobilize my abilities, to focus, to attend to things. I suspect that it is nothing short of being actually present in my own life rather than simply hanging on a raging beast.
I desperately want to believe that. I hope for it, intellectually.

I can't say that I regret not having found about it sooner. The course of my life has shaped who I am. Being like myself is an essentially good thing, a growing experience. I've learned humility, for sure.
I'm also incredibly frustrated.
I'm full of blind rage.
I'm sad and afraid, dejected, despondent.
Then again, I do regret it. What have I lost? Some things I've gained, sure, but so much has been lost.

It's futile though, to dig into what might have been.

Things might have been worse, couldn't they?
I'm so thankful for what I have. My family, the people in my life (even though they've been carried away by the waves) my work, my skills and abilities. I'm looking forward, as I ever have. I'm still determined. Still dogged; persevering.

I'm so grateful to have been diagnosed. Better late, than never.

Now I understand myself a bit better, maybe. I can have compassion for my self.

I can start to get better?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

1:56 or 28mm Gnome necromancer WIP

Still working. The putty is PC putty. I sort of like it and hate it.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Look at this totally sweet boot! (1:56 warpunk)

I decided, for my first PC experience. To re-do the gnomish necromancer in 1:56. I've been looking at the guy I previously made. I like him alot. I've taken him out of the dust to add a tab and decided to also try to remake a version in 1:56. Because he's diminutive, the 1:52 version fits nicely among the 1:56 scale figures as a slightly short human yet there are still aspects I want to improve so I think it'll be a good test drive of the PC putty.

No first impressions yet because it's too early to have an opinion. It was enjoyable however and the boot came out totally sweet.

Also cut out a styrene 1:100 X-95, a variant of the Tavor rifle. This variant is intended to become the standard infantry rifle of the IDF so I figure it's a good fit for the modern figure I'm making.

I pressed it into some super sculpey, baked that, and now there's a glob of Kneadatite mix curing in it. There's probably only going to be one side showing but I'll still try to get a good visual out of it. BUT IT'S SO TINY OMG.

Friday, 5 July 2013

28mm Science Fiction planetFallers are done.

I added tabs to the lot. I made a special mold out of styrene so the tab fits super snug in the slot. If I ever have them cast I guess I'll have to chop off their arms and do some finishing touches on the exposed bits. For the meantime they're chilling out on my display shelf.

I really enjoy what they look like as a group; though there are some mistakes and blunders and I've learned many lessons to apply towards making the next ones. One thing is anatomical mass: I really need to have it all in place  before moving with the next layers. I had to redo a lot of stuff because of neglected anatomy.

Right now I'm struggling with coming up with some cool designs for the next batch. I have a plan for doing a styrene test project which I intend to paint. I also have the 1:100 IDF to work on and something to try out the PC putty (thinking war-punk).

For my styrene project I want to make some sort of super-heavy unit, still, that fits in the planetFaller universe. Then I want to paint it to look awesome. 

Take note of the different in size between the 1:56 and the 1:52! Quite dramatic. Though the 1:52 is somewhat oversized for his scale. 

Pip pip.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Legs? Where we're going everything is made of legs.

The title makes no sense. Deal with it.

Check this out. I made the thighs even thicker because feedback.
Now everything is almost done.
I'm really tired.

I also received this PC epoxy I ordered from the manufacturer. It came super fast!