Saturday, 13 July 2013

Warpunk Gnome WIP 28mm

Warpunk - a genre mash up of fantasy and 20th century military. The scale height of this gnome is approximately 1.45 meters. He is at 1:56 which is a perfect fit for most 28mm sized miniatures. T

This gnome necromancer is a powerful unit on the battlefield. Raising the fallen to strike their comrades, giving his dead allies honor beyond death and summoning his own host of undead. He also has spells to attack and defend himself, perhaps rotting the living flesh off of a foe or throwing a bolt of frozen energy that can injure and kill.

Almost there now. Without going too much into it right now, I think the Kraftmark ProCreate putty is just dreamy. I've yet to gain the necessary experience with it to be as familiar as I am with Green Stuff but I think it might just fit my temperament better. Also, a huge bonus is simply the fact that it's grey and photographs so much better than GS.

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