Sunday, 7 July 2013

Look at this totally sweet boot! (1:56 warpunk)

I decided, for my first PC experience. To re-do the gnomish necromancer in 1:56. I've been looking at the guy I previously made. I like him alot. I've taken him out of the dust to add a tab and decided to also try to remake a version in 1:56. Because he's diminutive, the 1:52 version fits nicely among the 1:56 scale figures as a slightly short human yet there are still aspects I want to improve so I think it'll be a good test drive of the PC putty.

No first impressions yet because it's too early to have an opinion. It was enjoyable however and the boot came out totally sweet.

Also cut out a styrene 1:100 X-95, a variant of the Tavor rifle. This variant is intended to become the standard infantry rifle of the IDF so I figure it's a good fit for the modern figure I'm making.

I pressed it into some super sculpey, baked that, and now there's a glob of Kneadatite mix curing in it. There's probably only going to be one side showing but I'll still try to get a good visual out of it. BUT IT'S SO TINY OMG.

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