Monday, 29 July 2013

Working and making progress - warpunk and sci-fi (28mm)

Here's some of my work in progress on a warpunk Orc swordsman and a planetFaller commander. I also started on a Hard Suit or armored-exoskeleton code named "duckling". I think I'll continue work on the duckling with Super Sculpey rather than epoxy putty for the consideration that it's just going to be a lot of material.

All are in 1:56 scale which can be considered a good fit for most 28mm sized miniatures. I'll keep working with the PC putty for the meantime. It's hard when you don't have that familiarity with the putty's work life behaviour but I think it'll be worth it because of the results.

I wanted to design a different kind of Orc. I mean, one that doesn't have a huge triangle jaw and jutting underbite fangs and a pig nose. My Orc is more human-like with prominent brow and a recessed jaw. Later I'll add pointy-batlike ears and a flowing head of hair!

You can also see my box that I started making. I was inspired by a youtube video where Adam Savage built a gun case for his Blade Runner replica pistol.

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