Monday, 15 July 2013

I raise dead people. All the time.

A 1 to 56 miniature sculpted with Kraftmark ProCreate epoxy putty. 1:56 scale is a very good fit for the size called 28mm. The actual size of most 28mm miniatures is around 32-34mm. A man with an average height of 1.8 meters will be 32mm tall at 1 to 56. This Gnome is scaled to measure approximately 1.45 meters tall so he is smaller than his peers.

The genre I call Warpunk is a mix between your prevalent fantasy setting(wizards, goblins, gelatinous cubes, etc) and mid 20th century military theme (WW2, Korea, Cold war, Vietnam etc. etc.). You can have wizards casting brutal spells with factory made staves, tanks powered by magical gems, spec-ops sniper elves and weaponized rust monsters.

This gnome is intended to be a Necromancer figure; a wizard specializing in death magic. He fights among the other ground dwelling races. Gnomes are a strong techno-magical faction and practical thinkers. Combat necromancers are therefore a standard troop to accompany any major force. As the living fall, the necromancers ply their trade; they may turn the tide of battle or push an advantage into a devastating victory.

Demigods, immortal kings and extra-dimensional entities lead their forces against one another in a brutal war. The recent magic-industrial revolution sees a new scale of fighting: a war that spans the sphere with multitudes fighting and countless dead.

On the battlefields of this strange realm wizards are among the elite; the necromancers are never in short supply of ammunition. Wights flow out of deep and forgotten tombs deep beneath the ground. Skeletons burst out of the earth at the feet of the enemy. The slain, gruesome, rise again and strike their former allies. Ghoulish screams and deranged chatter follow this Mage. As the dead tear the flesh of foes, the fighting Gnomes and their allies cheer with fierce rage.

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