Saturday, 24 August 2013

1:56/28mm Warpunk Orc finished.

This is a 1:56 scale miniature sculpt, a good equivalent to so called 28mm size. The character is a an Orc, designed to depart from traditional representations. The Warpunk theme is an amalgamation of the fantasy genre and 20th century military; a sort of "what if" scenario with the industrial revolution taking place in the fantasy world with magic replacing steam power. The sculpt is mostly Kraftmark's ProCreate putty over a wire armature with Green Stuff (PSI blue/yellow Kneadatite).

I developed a new tab making method which produces a more consistent and satisfying result. The hole and dowel method for the shield works perfectly, it stays stuck in place with no adhesive. I redid the right boot completely and modified the left one’s toe.

Comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome.

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Stargazer said...

I love it.

Great work, Nadav! Though I think he looks like an US Ranger (regarding helmet and jacket), I love him.

Cool work!