Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Orcs are misunderstood Elves (born of black magic)

Sorry for the long delay. I was out of commission with a viral sickness of some sort.
Added flak jacket, hair, ears, pocketses. I think I might re-do the side lace thing because it's not so great.

The current miniature is a 1:56 scale Fantasy Orc in the "warpunk" theme which incorporates elements from mid 20th century military. I'm working mostly in Kraftmark's ProCreate Putty which is rather nice. 1:56 is a good fit for the size known as "28mm".

The design of the Orc's appearance is more humanized or mellower than what you usually meet. I just like to tell a different aspect, I suppose. Orcs were originally made (according to Tolkien lore) in the image of Elves. I wanted maybe to show that a little also.

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