Sunday, 30 June 2013

Run, tiny miniature sci fi soldier. Run!

Recap: I'm an aspiring miniatures sculptor and hope to make games commercially. Right now I work as a full time graphic artist at an educational games company. My serious hobby is sculpting; currently I'm working on a batch of three science fiction units in 1:56 scale. This scale conforms very nicely to the popular miniatures size 28mm. The sci-fi troops are a type of orbital insertion infantry I call planetFallers. The design aesthetic is inspired by 80's-90's science fiction, a retro futuristic look. Another important factor to me is the apparent functionality and reality grounding of the design: it needs to look like something that might actually work.

Here we are with the third guy. I did some work on the "cast" rifle and attached it to the posed arm armatures. I then added a hand and sleeve + accoutrements. You'll note I also added some radio or small module to his left side. I also finished the backpack by sculpting the two lid clasps there.

I think like the other guys he looks as if his thighs are too thin so I'll thicken them up some next.

I've gotten some feedback on what to do next and several have suggested a command and support figures. If you guys have suggestion as to what that might mean in terms of gear and pose that would be sweet. I'm thinking of doing a "heavy" type character with more armor like an exo-suit for support role.

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