Saturday, 15 June 2013

Work update - planetFallers 28mm sci fi drop troopers

I'm currently sculpting 3 figures in 1:56 scale. 1:56 is a good corresponding scale to the popular size "28mm". I'm working in green stuff mostly which is PSI Kneadatite blue/yellow. I'm also adding some brown stuff to the mix when I want harder edges on stuff. The intended use of the figures is miniature wargaming.

The theme is a near to medium future science fiction military unit who are borne on a spaceship and inserted to the combat zone from orbit; an orbital drop troop I've tentatively name planetFallers.

I've completed some work on the next two guys adding the backpack, pouches etc. on the "running" figure and completed a good portion on the gunwork as hands and attaching thereof to the main body with the "advancing" figure.

I completed three Flames of War German panzergrenadier infantry teams from the Open Fire! boxed set. Two MG teams and a rifleman team.

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