Friday, 28 June 2013

Scribers gonna scribe

A story in pictures.

I worked on the 1:100 modern IDF; adding pant leg and puffing out his pockets, added another boot.

Here's a random idea: you might have heard about weird wars theme which is basically World War 2 + what if occult stuff was real. Vampires and zombies etc. What would you think about Weird Arab Israeli wars?!?!? Though, the whole issue might be too touchy to do anything other than straight edge historical fidelity. It has a curious appeal in my mind. You could have maybe both sides teaming up against the old gods or zombie aliens.

But I like historical pretty good too.

I made another styrene rifle.

Made a press mold out of a green stuff/brown stuff mix. I found it holds the details better.

I "cast" a glob of green stuff/brown stuff mix. Mixed results. Some of the details that I added directly in the mold didn't cut it at all for me. 

Bought this plastic scriber.

Worked some more on the model. 

Made a super sculpey press mold.

A green stuff/brown stuff mix is curing inside of it as I write this. 

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