Saturday, 25 May 2013

Spare sculpting time found; made use of.

Found some time to sculpt. In case you don't know, I've got a new job doing graphics for educational games(for lack of more verbose description). I've got a lot less free time but I'm also more hopeful about the future; so there's your trade-off. I'm very happy about it.

I'll keep sculpting but it will probably be awhile before I find my stride.

So, I've added the sleeves and shoulder pads. I decided to go with a more rounded design for practical reasons - round stuff snags less than angular stuff and military types need to be low drag (hi speed). I added some flexible, sewn in elbow pads (and cuff strap things). From recent experience, you need some elbow protection for crawling around.

I also want to progress with my Open Fire! building and painting. I'll complete all the armor starting with the two remaining Stugs and then do the rest of the Panzergrenadierkompanie. 

A neat program is making the rounds for capturing GIFs so I made these out of some reserve duty videos I had lying around. 


Stargazer said...


I do LOVE the pose of the new guy. This is something I miss in most of others sculptors work. He looks like someone who is currently in a fierce firefight. I also like the new design of the weapon, if I saw it right. GREAT Work! Man - I want to paint this guy and his comrades. Man, I AM EAGER TO DO SO!

Also like the GIFs you made though I am curious if the guy in the first GIF is hitting something. Looks like he hardly has control over is weapon.

The Merkava-firing-GIF is absolutely impressive! As I have only been on a TPZ Fuchs during exercises I hardly can imagine how it feels to fire a shell with that thing. Cool thing!

Nadav Igra said...

Thanks for the lovely comment SG. I hope you can get to painting them.

The guy in the first image is myself. I might be hitting something and I might not be. Probably not.

Yeah, shooting the main gun is pretty much the most awesome thing there is. There I can say with more certainty: it's hitting the target.