Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Yo, I'm back.

I've been home a couple of days. If you didn't know, I'm an Israeli. Israel has mandatory 3 year conscription for all 18 year olds. Some conscripts do combat service, we call combat servicemen "warriors" or "fighters". Of those, a part go on to do mandatory reserve service. Not everyone finishes their full term in combat duty and even less stay onboard for reserve. I enjoy it and consider myself lucky to be able to take part in it.

You can read some more about it here:

On patrol

Night ops

This kitten was abandoned by its mother - the door says "no entry". ;)

Currently I'm taking care of it at home, feeding it and what not

The LBV is a tad small

The new fashion in strap attachment.

A few words about the strap connection -  in the IDF we carry the weapon either across the shoulder - barrel down, or slung on the neck for use in action. The built in strap connection on the AR-15 and variants is for carrying the weapon on one shoulder - barrel up. That's why we use a bit of paracord or some other connection method to attach the strap. Though I used to connect the strap to the front sight in the past I recently came to the conclusion (after seeing some others) that this method (middle connection) is far preferable. The main reason is that connecting to the front sight will either obstruct the sight in some situations and/or the gas return tube heats up which might melt the paracord.


Stargazer said...

Hey and welcome back!

Once again, my first thought was: Ha, Jason Statham is an IDF reserve soldier!

Nice pics though! I think, I should continue my IDF when I have some free time again.

Take care

Ben B. said...

Welcome back!
And thanks for the reference photos ;D
Reserving looks like a good experience, I have no doubt it has its negatives though...
I have great respect for Israel.
Good luck with the kitten!

Nadav Igra said...

Heheh :D

Thanks dudes. I did have a good time.
I think Statham is probably several orders of magnitude more badass than I am.