Saturday, 19 October 2013

28mm Space Man from the Stars. (1:56)

1:56 Starship crew

1:56 scale is a good fit for the ubiquitous 28mm scale. The miniature was sculpted mostly in Kraftmark ProCreate with some PSI blue/yellow Kneadatite (AKA Green Stuff).

The design is meant to be simple, leaving ample room for the player to customize the uniform. It's somewhat of a military look with strong inspiration from fighting vehicle crew but with some stylistic differences. He's got some pouches and is holding a gadget. I wanted to give, rather than a pose of action, one of readiness or anticipation but at the same time confidence and professionalism.

I included some group photos along with my recent 1:56 sculpts.

I'm eager to work on the next miniature!

Comments, questions and criticism are most welcome.


Stargazer said...

I like him!

Nadav Igra said...

Thank you! I like him too :)