Friday, 25 May 2012

15mm Ariel Sharon 1973 update - canteen.

I've set up this blog and a portfolio website ( ) but tonight I got some time to get back on the green stuff horse.

Green stuff is the colloquial name for yellow blue Kneadatite, a type of epoxy putty, from Polymeric Systems International. It's been the staple of miniature sculpting since the 70's or so if I recall correctly. Recent developments in mold making and casting techniques have re shuffled the deck and miniatures today are made with a variety of materials. 

15mm version of Ariel Sharon 1973 miniature

I added the canteen to the back left on the belt. I started out using a tiny clipping of 1mm wire as the cap but as things progressed it became evident that 1mm is wwwwaaaaayyyyyy too big for a cap at 1:100 so I took it off and re sculpted it.

I had also posed the arms, cut them down to size and added a layer of material to fix them in place and to have something to work against.

I had previously made a front and rear slice of the binoculars and I wound up using only the rear bit and stuck it on a mass on the right hand area.

I think some details, especially the beret, leave a lot to be desired and there's going to be some corrections later on. That will come after next session which should, give or take, see most of the work almost complete.

Thinking about the next miniatures

I've been thinking about what I should make next. I'm sort of itching to sell the miniatures I'm making because I need money to pay for living and because, well, I want people to enjoy them, play with them. I want to see how people paint them and what conversions they might do.

If any of you, my hearty fellows, have suggestions please write them in the comments below. What I thought would be cool would be a group, say 5 or so, of special forces type dudes who are part of a global anti space alien initiative and to also make an opposing force of 5 or so dudes who are in fact aliens. The things I'd like to get more of a handle on for the next sculptures, my educational goals so to speak:

  • Cool art illustration - some fluff to go along with the sculpts to help ignite the imagination.
  • Realistic, dynamic poses- most of my sculpts have up to now stood planted firmly in their spot. I want to make some action poses.
  • Gear- I need to get more of a handle on making machined things like rifles and other equipment.
  • Customization ability- I know a lot of the potential market like to change things around and have the possibility to really make each miniature their own.  
  • Overall improvement - goes without saying, the purpose of training is to improve.
Those are my thoughts for now. Each one of those bullet points is going to be a challenge for sure so stick around. It'll be interesting.

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