Monday, 28 May 2012

Two Ariks Sharons

I've been busy drawing the last couple of days. Making a fluff illustration for the next models I'd like to make.

First, though, here is the 15mm Sharon.

Some close up photographs. 1:100 Arik Sharon is posing in front of a clump of epiphytic moss I received as  a sample at a home decor design show.

As promised, the drawing I'm working on:

I mentioned in a previous blog post that the idea is for a team of special ops type dudes from a global anti space alien response organization. I call them ETC - Extra Terrestrial Control; note the patch on his arm. The motto is "Gladius Mundi" which, hopefully, means "the sword of the world". This guy has some night vision goggles and a video camera on his Ops Core inspired helmet. The rifle is an MTAR-21. The setting is a nightly raid on a cruise ship which has been taken over by the enemy. I think I might make another couple of drawings like this, I'd like to really get a sense for the fluff of the story and also try for some more dynamic/experimental scenes. Still need to complete this one first, though.

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