Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's a new world, after all

Hello dutiful blog followers!

In this blog you can read about my exploits in my quest to make games and to be an artist- a game artist.

Who am I?

I feel like I owe some short retrospective. Knowing who you are is the essence of growing, it's a question one spends a life time answering. I can tell the details of my resume, I suppose, and give some examples of my work. That will probably be most pertinent. I can also, perhaps, write some of my philosophical beliefs. You may get to know about me, or some aspects of who I am as good as anyone can.

I am 32 years old. It seems like a grown up age, or rather it had seemed when I was in my twenties. I remember that my father had said to me that I will start to know who I am only around the age of 32. I'm not sure that I do. I have a son now. The most beautiful baby boy you've ever seen. His smile lights up the entire universe. I know how I want him to see me. That means I'm going to have to try and carve a special niche for myself and for my family. I may not know who I am but I know who I want to be.

I served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a tank crew man when I was 18 up to 21. I still serve in the reserves at the same capacity. I studied Fine Art at the Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem and have received a BFA diploma. I worked as a security guard for a while. Apprenticed at a top notch tattoo parlor until I learned the craft (and saw it wasn't for me).  More recently, in the last two years or so, I had decided that my goal in life was to work in making video games and using my artistic ability create a career in this field. I've had good success so far, having done several projects as a freelancer as well as worked on some long term projects that came out nicely as a salaryman.

When I studied art and worked security I had a lot of time to read. From one thing to another I wound up reading a lot of psychoanalytic theory books and have come to subscribe to this interpretation of our reality. I have a strong Freudian view with some Jung and a heavy dose of the Adlerian school. It may not be for everybody but psychoanalytic theories have really helped explain the world to me and why do people behave in the way that they do. I also feel like I have some hold on the more mysterious questions like what is art? What are dreams? Why do wars happen? How do we think? I may sprinkle some ideas around in my blog now and again. My favorite theorists are Winnicott, Karen Horney and Ernst Kriss.

What now?

Today I am again a freelancer. I've spent some time learning how to sculpt miniatures. I like war games and miniatures so it seemed like a worthwhile thing to do. I think I'm getting pretty good at it. I've made a few so far. First the latest one which is Ariel Sharon in 1973 in 28mm. I've been working at a scale of 1:64 according to the calculation that a 1.8 meter tall man would be about 28mm in scale. Sharon, who to the best of my research ability was 1.7 meters scales to be 26.5mm which, with the added hair is exactly 28mm.

No, there!

Holding a Jena style 7x50 (a bit larger than scale) and a holster for what must have been a  Webley revolver.
He's got his canteen so he won't dehydrate!

I've also been making a 1:100 version of the same miniature which is 15mm scale (actually a 1:100 1.8 meter man would be 18mm tall).

Here are some previous miniatures from my studies:

Evil Genius turn table
Evil Genius "miniature"

An adventuring sea captain


Hippie with milk carton

Crustacean doctor

The first one: 35mm warpunk soldier

More to come. 

What's next on the blog? Expect to read more updates on 1:100 Arik Sharon from 1973 and also some exciting ideas on the next miniatures!

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