Thursday, 31 May 2012

E.T.C. Illustration

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Extra Terrestrial Control

The setting is the near future - alien anthromorphs are raiding the planet earth, hitting targets of their own cryptic choosing. Their motives are unknown and their methods chill the blood. The world is all but imploding on itself by the pressure of inter group nationalistic conflict and the ever growing fun-house-mirror abominations of corporate greed made flesh. The stage is set- the Pre-Apocalypse. Some men of power, behind the curtains, have yet found faith inside of themselves and reached out to each other. Tentatively forming a black, inter national, para military organisation they have named E.T.C. Their motto is "Gladius Mundi"- sword of the world. Now the race is on. Will the invaders from space succeed in their alien plans, an untold fate of horror for the planet? Can the E.T.C. fight them back and foil their efforts?

Got to a good place for now with the "fluff" illustration so it's time to start crafting. I'm going to start with gear because I see that as an area I need to improve. We'll start with the MTAR-21 or X-95. I need to get some solid data, which I'm certain is available online, as to the measurements and scale them down. The plan right now is to work "all around" with the armature wire representing the barrel. I might end up having to flash the old artistic license and exaggerate some aspects for the sake of readability.

Afterwards I'd like to try my hand at some other staples of spec-ops such as the M4, MP5SD, Sig P226 and other items, weapons and otherwise. I'll keep updating.

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