Friday, 1 June 2012

X-95(MTAR21) base layer

Started out on the MTAR-21 otherwise known as the X-95. This is going to be the 5.56 version without the hand guard and no frills- only the red dot sight. Beforehand I gathered reference material and then scaled the known measurements to 1:64. As it turns out, the scaled down version seems very small and frail. The actual rifle being 580mm long translates to 9mm in scale. It's a good explanation why usually we see exaggerated weapons and gear. Yet, I decided to carry on and try to be true to scale as much as I can.
I transferred the proportions using the old grid system:

This drawing is 1:6.4; 10 times bigger than the model

1:64 - note the lines are made with a pencil 0.3mm thick

I began with a 9mm piece of wire and not much of an idea on how to work. I thought, since this is highly technical, to work in structured layers.
I decided to try and build as far as I can in one go. You can see the stump for the hand hold and the body is almost fully formed. 

The main problem, though, with working only against the wire is the shapes come out lumpy and the details don't hold well. Upon looking at the final result in macro photography I became somewhat despondent that it doesn't look good. However, thinking about it as a basic shape to start from it's actually very good for me. It's just not going to be as fast going. I intend to sand the sides down quite a bit and then work from there.

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