Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A stand for the alien bust, pouch pouch pouch.

Alien guy

I worked more on my alien bust concept guy. I thought to deviate further from the cliche he should wear clothes. Maybe now he's just a simple Star Trek type alien? :)
He's on a sort of base now. Might try casting him. I'm going to start on another one soon enough.

Who is this guy? What's his name? What does he want? What abilities does he have?
Comment if you've got ideas.

Pouches, ho!

Started pouching up the vest. I had a sort of panic attack when I thought that I should also add some equipment that's not, you know, mysterious pouch content but something you can identify. I started on a tomahawk because I saw on History's Top Guns ('sup Colbs) that spec ops maybe like it sometimes.

I'll scavenge the net for some intel and pictures as to what things a spec ops might carry with him. In the meantime if you have suggestions you can write in the comments!!!!

X-95 / MTAR 21 V.06.05

Did a bit of work on old V.06. It's getting to the point I'm paralyzed with fear to do anything because I dearly want it to come out perfect. I need to accept that it won't and go from there. After all, if I make a lot of guns and iterations thereof in the end I'll have to be good by sheer volume of XP++.

More musings on ETC game

We already covered some of the design ideals, now it's time to get to specifics. Rather more general vague ideas that can lead to specific things. 

I'm imagining a game that's quick to pick up and play. That means not too many stats. Simple turn actions. Only one, max two dice rolls to resolve events that'll make it fast and brutal, too. 

Nice big cards that tell you what you need to know- unit stats, game flow chart. 

I'd like for there to be a sort of playing card mechanic as well so you can play equipment or special abilities in key moments to spice things up a bit. 

I want there to be cardboard scenery like office walls or out buildings so there can be interesting tactical play. 

A typical game would consist of three matches lasting 15-30 minutes or so each. Players should also be able to choose to play different styles of games, maybe only one quick skirmish or a huge battle or a succession of various sized battles in a grand campaign that lasts for a month. Maybe each component can fit into a higher level so you can add up your play history with your friends into some grander scale that'll reset every few weeks. 

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