Friday, 29 June 2012

Cthulhu wears the most ridiculous sweaters

I've used a high speed cutter bit that's 1mm thick in my awesome pin vise to drill two holes. One in the leg drop padding you can see here and one on the vest where the tomahawk is at the moment. I coated the higher hole with Vaseline and applied some Green Stuff to the back of the ax. I then pressed one into the other. My hope is that after curing I can just pull out the ax and have a super snug fitting dowel and hole business so you can cast the ax separately. 

This will be the gun in the holster on the leg drop:

I'll shave and abrade it so it'll serve as a base for the design there. Afterwards I'll fit it the same way to the appropriate hole.

I received a nice envelope with the following tools:

Those are size 0 extra firm Clay Shapers by Royal Sovereign. They were an absolute STEAL on The seller was called "buy-for-less-online" if anyone is interested (I think he doesn't ship to the U.S. but then again U.S. buyers may find other deals). 

Made some more progress on my busts.
Still waiting to hear from you, loyal blog readers, what you think the costume on the self portrait should be. Science fiction/near future theme, yeah?
The alien Cthuloid is now wearing a ridiculous sweater.

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