Thursday, 21 June 2012

Melting alien faces with solvents

Working more on my alien bust concepts. Just winging it, really. It's sort of like doing a sketch in 3d and then refining and rendering it. I feel like it's wrong I don't do concept art first and then models but I suppose it's just as legitimate to sketch with clay as with pencils. There's the added benefit of the result being pliable and "fluid" with the Super Sculpey Firm rather than fixed on the paper. Until you bake it, of course.

I'm experimenting with smoothing shapes and surfaces with different solvents. I'll go read up again on other's techniques. 

Getting close to adding the arms on our operative here. I've added pull tabs to some of the pouches on his vest. My plan is I'm going to connect the X95 V.01 or 04 permanently to his hands which I'll probably pose next session.

The tomahawk is inside a holster. There is going to be a securing strap running across the head of the ax. I'm considering where to place it or maybe leave it loose. We'll see. A lot of decisions now are about how to build the figure but allow for breaking him apart so he can be cast properly. It may go either way at this point; either I'll maximize on appearance and ease of work and make him one piece with no consideration to the technical aspects of casting or I'll treat it as a learning experience for commercial work and try for the most convenient casting ability.

Some progress on the MTAR 21 Version 6.

Making the pouches I had some down time and as always spare material so I worked on another face. Also made a skull with brown stuff. He's going to need a cranium implant, though.

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