Friday, 8 June 2012

X95 V.04.4 and a face and skull

I'm thinking about making another iteration of the X95. Before that, though, here's V.04 as it's nearing completion.

I've taken a skull and made a face on it. It was quite interesting. Twice I came back after I thought I was finished because of some things that became evident in the macro photography. I enjoyed making it and had a thought as I was going. The finest appearance is achieved if you can get the optimum result with a single pass of work (during the various curing stages; basic shapes, details, etc.). As opposed to laboriously tooling the surface over and over again. You can call this tentative hypothesis the theory of "economy of expression". It's a sort of thing that can only come with great experience. Lucky for me, I've got a few more skulls sitting by as well as a few more basic armature wires. 

Speaking of skulls.
This skull is a bit larger than usual because I made it with the intent for it not to be covered by a face. It's a bit large at around 3.8mm or so. 

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