Saturday, 2 June 2012

X-95; magazine and red-dot added

There's still quite a bit to do here. I've mixed feelings about it so far; it's not as nice as I'd like for it to be but it came out much better than I had initially thought it would. 

The magazine will serve as an under-structure for the magazine surface what with more flatness and grooves in it. I'm going to go ahead and start another one immediately after this and try working only with brown stuff (brown-aluminum Kneadatite) and see how it looks. I'm desperate for better details.
Note the added charging handle. There's also a sort of angle to the bottom of the stock which I need to flatten out.

When adding the casing deflector I realized the wire I had inserted as an armature for the magazine poked through the ejection port, destroying the detail. I re-did the area. The lesson here is to not ruin the work after  it's completed. 

Scale 1:64. The length of the real world 5.56 X-95 is 580mm so it scales down to 9mm. You can see V2 in the background there. If you're following me, the model is then a 5.56mm 9mm mini-Micro Tavor.

Conclusions: I can't be magically the best on my first try which is a terrible disappointment. I'll have to work hard and make more of these so I can improve. 

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