Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pew pew pew

What? it's hard to come up with titles all the time that don't sound repetitive.

Almost there!

I'm somewhat upset that I did not have enough experience to plan properly for this stage but that's the wages of education I suppose. There's some things that are not exactly right some I may be able to fix, some we'll have to live with. I've got an idea on how to disassemble him for casting but I want to see how it goes first. 

The tomahawk will probably be added with a sort of built in dowel business. My plan is to drill a small hole and then slab some Vaseline on there and impress the shape thereof upon the actual ax so that it can be fitted in there.

Who's this handsome devil?

It's my own visage! At least a work in progress on a self portrait like thing. It's always a good exercise. I may end up "using" it anyways by dressing up the bust to appear like a future soldier man or an alien mind control zombie; write me in the comments if you have a preference or other ideas.

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