Sunday, 17 June 2012

Aliens have a nose sometimes

First things first: our man.
This time I added the tactical vest and shirt. I left room to add the shoulders after I do the arms. A shirt collar must be added as well. I re sculpted the leg drop vertical strap which came out totally sweet. It's got a pistol magazine pouch and padding. Thickened up the left thigh a bit and it looks somewhat better now.

Our friends from across the sky! 

The grey alien. Super Sculpey Firm is really fun to work with. The grey color is very helpful as opposed to the semi translucent pink of the regular Super Sculpey. 

Shortly after starting to work on the concept head I realized that if I've any hope of making him a little bit different than all the other regular grey alien types he needs to have a nose. Another thing was that sculpting symmetrical features is hard. 

Our trusty X95 V.06 is plugging along. I'm gonna sand and cut this shape and then add a layer of detail "skin". I hope it doesn't suck.

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