Saturday, 23 June 2012

Holding the gun, needs more sole.

I've posed the arms and with very great difficulty attached the V.04. Many issues came to the surface at this point. The angle of his shoulders meant I could not physically pose him as I intended with the weapon close to his cheek, ready to fire. The width of the gun made it difficult to fit and looking at how large V.06 is at the moment that means it's probably going to the scrap yard. No worries, I will soon start on V.07. 

The silhouette already looks really nice except he's leaning too far back, I'll just increase the height of his rear leg- you can see it needs more sole there anyways so it's actually a good thing.

Very difficult to pose the gun so it'll stick.

His left arm is a tad short. No biggie, I'm going to sculpt his hand against the hand guard anyway.

X-95 V.06

Noted how incredibly fat it was so I shaved it down, eradicating most of the details. I added the top cover thing. I'm going to finish it, despite not coming out like I intended but I am also going to start another iteration.

x-95 / MTAR 21 profile view, V.06.

X-95 / MTAR 21 V.06

Concept alien men

Baked the grey-snout alien and sanded some features, mostly the cranium. It's really neat to have this bust all cured and stuff. I don't know, it's just awesome. I can't describe why right now.

Still working on the other guy. I've got this strange compulsion to add a funky sweater or a bowler hat just so he's not so alieny concepty like that. I started also another bust but there's not much to see yet.


Leaning a bit.

If you've got any comments about any of it please write them.

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