Sunday, 10 June 2012

Drawing funk/Skull renaissance.

Guess what?
That's right. The fifth iteration of making the X95/MTAR-21.

Believe it or not, this is what it looks like after three sessions and it's not even up to the base layer yet!

Those small wires are really fiddly, is all I'm gonna say.

Next up is a dude, or rather a light assault spec ops.
He's bald because he's going to get a helmet (and then you can't see he's bald).

Drew some concepts, I wanted to get a handle on the E.T.C. uniform. Also drew what the guy here is going to be like more or less. I drew this 10 times or so with mixed results. Had a dreadful sense as if I'd lost my mojo. I'm probably just a bit tired and a bit rusty with the old paper and pencil. Expect more attempts. You just have to forcefully plow through these mental blocks.

Finally, another skull and his skull friends :)

They look so happy!

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