Friday, 15 June 2012

Pants and presents

Created the other boot then put on the pants. I was struck by detailing fever, having realized I could put all sorts of things on there, rather than sculpt them separately. The left thigh looks freakish long. I suspect it's because the top of it is too thin.

The whole pose looks out of balance. This is on purpose. Hopefully when he's all tricked out with gear and holding his gun, it'll look like he's walking forward cautiously.

Happy presents day!

I got this dope Tamyia 0.1-3.2mm pin vise. I've already put it to good use to make another iteration on the X95. This is V.06.02.

I also got a block of Super Sculpey Firm. It smells nice. I started on this bust which will be an alien creature concept. I want to do some variation on the "grey" type of alien, It's been done to death so it'll be a challenge to put an interesting spin on it.

Some thoughts on E.T.C.

I've been thinking about how people might play with the miniatures once they're made. The first possibility is naturally that they can use them with existing rule sets that they know and play. I've been toying with the idea of making custom rules for play and in the process considering how I'd like to do business. My main goals or ideals will be to make it accessible, affordable, scale-able and modular and durable.

This is all in a larval day dreaming state for now so don't hold your breath just yet!

  • Accessible means I want people to be able to approach the game without past war gaming experience and be able to play without being overwhelmed by a lot of rules; I don't want to sacrifice depth or gameplay to get there.

  • Affordable has several aspects to it. In combination with accessibility I imagine E.T.C. as a box set containing 2 opposing forces of decent size so a hobbyist/enthusiast can play with his friends. Also that there would not be a need to invest too much money to be able to play complex and interesting games.

  • Scale and modularity is about the possibility to play quick skirmishes as well as full blown globe spanning campaigns. I'd also like for players who are fond of a system that allows for it to keep playing with their own rules if they prefer it. I see E.T.C. as composed of several modules that can fit together among themselves and other systems allowing players to create more complex games as well as fast and fun "arcade" type experiences.

  • Durability- I have this vision of a box that will stand the test of time given proper care. Maybe with cloth binding like an old book (I love those) The materials for the components should be, naturally, beyond reproach. 

What do you think? What things would you like to see in a miniature combat game? You can write in the comments.

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