Wednesday, 6 June 2012

We're all made of skulls on the inside

I took the knife to the x95 and carved off some of the lumpiness. I added in green stuff another layer of detail. Namely the hand guard, grip, forward iron sights, two bits at the rear and a sort of under structure I'll use to make the red dot sight.

If you look on the other side you can see that the forward part of the top cover is not in line with the barrel giving the rifle a droopy look. I'll re-sculpt this part. Also the rear part of the top cover got shaved off so I'll do that as well. The next session should consist of the magazine "skin", red dot sight and repairs.

I made another skull. I wanted to make a really nice looking one and also I mixed a lot of green stuff so I didn't want it to go to waste. It's been suggested to me that there might be a market for skulls.

Another thing that's attractive for me about skulls is that they're so short that I might be able to cast decent copies even though I haven't got a pressure chamber.

Because I had worked concurrently with the X95 I couldn't devote enough attention to it and I also added some mass to two of the previous skulls to adjust their proportions and made another 4 base armatures. It'll have to wind up as only another interior skull rather than some fancy skull that hasn't got any skin on it. I'll need to dedicate a session to making just one nice skull to see how it goes.

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