Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Helmet head

Added some more mass to our guy. Added a helmet. It's a skateboard profile sort of helmet that seems to be popular with spec ops. I might give it some modular connections for night vision goggles and cameras and such. It'll come together more as I add the straps. Needs a little polishing, too.
Next up, besides building up the anatomical mass is shoes/boots! I've looked up several types and am heavily leaning towards the type of leather/cordura mix boot rather than jump boots or hiking shoes.


I tried using milliput. It does make a very nice flat surface but it also doesn't stick very well and I'm apparently terrible at working with it. I'm going to go ahead and try again using brown stuff but with a different stage division. I'll sand this quite heavily I expect.

Write in the comments

You can write all sorts of things in the comments. What's your opinion on the choice of boots? Maybe you have a better idea on how to make miniature rifles. You want to ask questions, maybe? Write! I'll answer.

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