Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Self Portrait progress

Some more work done on the self portrait piece. I find the work on the Super Sculpey Firm to be more relaxing than the Green Stuff/ Blue Yellow Kneadatite. I'm not racing against the clock as I go. On the other hand since it doesn't automatically cure there is a danger that it will be somehow squashed. Anyhow, it's fun and I like the different scale of the work also.

I placed a mirror in front of me as I worked for reference and constantly had these little moments of revelation on how to do the different areas as they were much different from what I "know" on how to make faces. I suppose its part of the fact that folks look different from one another and there are many ways a face can be built, mine in particular is built in this way. It was most enlightening.

A bit more to go before I'm happy with the sculpt. I want to add some costume or science fiction twist on it. Any ideas? You can write in the comments. "You" being the one guy who reads the blog.

Dear one guy who reads my blog,
If you enjoy reading it so much, why not recommend it to some of your powerful friends with lots of money who want to commission work from me? Huh?!?!

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