Monday, 2 July 2012

Trust me, I'm from the future

My modular system is working well. The pistol came out more bulky than I had foreseen but I think it fits nicely. The hole and peg will hold the items well once glued by a hobbyist and they can be conveniently cast separately from the main mass so the "flow back"(I mean where a protrusion goes against the direction of the cast material and needs a tube for air to escape) isn't an issue. Now there's the matter of the hands themselves. I think I'll try chopping them off and fitting a special join. Might destroy the guy, might not. In any event, I'm getting a nebular feeling/plan that my basic mini guy making technique will change soon to fit cast-ability and modularity. Mainly in terms of posing arms and other bits so that I make more progress on the upper body in the initial stages of work.

I've made another tiny face. I'm not pleased at all. I want to practice more and get the faces looking better. I'll try changing up some of my material use. 

Made progress on my self portrait sci fi bust. I've shaved some mass off the top of the head and moved around some masses on the cranium. I added the heavy armor plates and under garment showing through there. I'll render out the ears more and probably bake it then.

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