Tuesday, 17 July 2012

FIMO JAG mix? Madness I tell you, madness!

Trying out the FIMO mix. I've seen some really impressive results on Minisculpture.co.uk where I frequent. The formula comes from a very well respected sculptor: Jacques-Alexandre gillois aka JAG  and is available here with a nice tutorial: http://www.miniaturestudio.net/tutorials/test-page-1/ .
It's 60% FIMO Soft  (Dolphin Grey) + 30% FIMO Classic (Leaf Green) + 10% FIMO quick mix.

The work is very interesting and with promising results. Some of the same sort of motions as when I'm working with the Green Stuff but with a different surface tension and drag. Much more smooth surfaced than the Super Sculpey Firm which is better for working in small scale. It's very responsive and much more soft than Green Stuff. Another aspect that's different is that I can, and find that I have to, go over the same detail again and again. Touching up, ruining and re-sculpting. I can leave the thing alone and come back when I'm disposed which is  a HUUUGGGEE bonus for me. I'm leaving it alone for now. It's supposed to "settle" after a few hours and behave somewhat differently. I'll then bake and try to continue. I like what I'm seeing so far!

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I might as well leave a comment (hurray the first comment!).
The exact colors of the FIMO mix and ratio don't seem to have that much importance. It's mostly a preference type thing.