Monday, 2 July 2012

Face practice

Another practice head today. It's quite an intense process to do these. Mostly because I'm winging it most of the way. I expect once I have a method or at least a good road map they'll be smoother to make. I've tried to apply some of the lessons I've learned and had some success. Ultimately I am very displeased with the result but I think I've got some good ideas on how to work on the next face. Notably I need some structure for the nose to sit on so I'm not at the mercy of pushing materials around. Also a more pronounced teeth area so the lips can protrude more forward, you can see now he looks sort of like a toothless old man.

I'd like to get a result I'm happy with before I proceed in making the rest of the body. It's going to be another ETC trooper in the light/assault configuration.

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