Friday, 20 July 2012

Experimental trousers

More work with the FIMO. Added ears to my head. I'll get back to him once I get more done with our earlier guy. I'm enjoying the properties of the material, details can be crisper and surfaces more flat. On the other hand it is less forgiving in some cases and I've yet to get as good an understanding of the work "stages". More difficult for me to get smooth rounded surfaces and it's less sticky by an order of magnitude so there's a higher minimal thickness of matter.

Note in the pictures that I haven't yet baked it so I'm going to try and refine it more and more and see what I can get. I'm happy with the silhouette of the boot which is the nicest one yet. The rivets of the knee pads were also fun.

My plan is to finish the pant and boot before doing the other boot and then on to the arms. I will probably, after I overcome my trepidation, try to use the FIMO to make another X-95.

I will try to have the arms with the weapon or placeholder thereof finished before going on to the thorax. I intend to make the helmet from Brown Stuff which seemed to work quite well. I imagine that in the future my technique will be such a combination of materials as I gain a deeper understanding of the best application for each type.

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