Saturday, 14 July 2012

Come ETC Trooper #2.

I've made myself an avatar for some forums I frequent. It's only really fitting for one of them what with the technical requirements and everything. I think it's kind of cool.
Check it out:

Trooper #2, Known to his friends as Badassington Grumptholomeau. Posed with a primary layer of Green Stuff. I'm leaving aside huge head guy for the time being because. Well. His head is too damn big. I'll see how I feel about it later on. In the meantime it's important to move ahead. So there. 

Come at me bro
Also, I've made a mold and cast some copies of my Alien Bust Concepts. They came out terrible by any commercial standard. The flash is practically a step in some places and the volumes get distorted. It's because I didn't/don't know how to make the mold properly. In the meantime I primed one of the lesser copies for a painting experiment. A couple came out "OK". I'll do some more and hopefully they can also be acceptable. Would you be interested in a copy? What would you do with it? Write your ideas in the comments.

The defectives

Paint primer drying

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