Tuesday, 10 July 2012

TOP STORY: Tiny fighting man wears hat. Head is huge.

Measuring the new head it's a whopping 6mm from bottom of chin to top of hat. I'm slightly perturbed by this but I am rationalizing it by:
 1. some folks just got a bigger head than others, I should know, my hat size is the waist of a small lady. 
2. He's got exaggerated features which are somewhat more illustrative rather than naturalistic such as HUGE CHIN so it's not so bad his head is big(and his mouth is open). 

I'll try to control the head size better on the next ones. 

The caps bill still needs "filling in" as it's mostly green stuff putty that's been placed to support the wire and enable a surface to be placed on top of it.
The head is slightly over sized mainly because of huge manly chin

Speaking of miniature heads: here are the new "blanks". I think this shape will serve better as a face/head under-structure. We'll see about it tomorrow.

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