Saturday, 2 February 2013

Abdomen plates are all the rage

Recap: Working on  a 1:35 design prototype of a sci fi drop troop. Making a gun to complete a set of 5 German modern Bundeswehr infantry in shooting poses at 1:72 scale. I've posted some Flames of War units I painted and based. Most of the work you can see here is with Kneadatite AKA Green Stuff. 

Took extra care to make things smooth as I can. The abdomen segments are in place. Kind of exciting how it's shaping up to resemble the concept. I'm almost too scared to add parts in fear I might "ruin" it. But we can't let that fear stop us from working!

G36 with grenade launcher basic armature go! When I finish this and attach it to Five of Five and then proceed to base and cut up everyone THAT WILL BE IT! for this first lot of 1:72 Bundeswehr. 

Finished up a German rifleman and command team. Now I have one complete platoon of Panzergrenadiers. 

What? This guy again? He almost looks like he's some historical WWI figure in 1:56. 


BlackHussarMiniatures said...

Hi Nadav...
I like your progress! But
you may have a lot of fantasy to see a guy of WW1...:D
Keep on!

Nadav Igra said...

I do have a vivid imagination...