Thursday, 7 February 2013


Working on the 1:35 Sci Fi prototype. I've been calling them "drop troops" but I don't like the name too much. I mean, it's descriptive but not very interesting. I've been trying to come up with some other names. I like "planetFallers". Maybe there's something more natural, futuristic colloquial; I came up with Magnetic Johnnies for some reason. I'll probably keep searching. If you have any ideas, post them in the comments.

I've also considered the working title "for the Glory of Mars". While it's apt in the deity it refers to I don't know if it's too much cliche. Listening to a Blue Oyster Cult CD I came across the line " joke's an iron". I like the sentence structure that makes an abstract concept become a physical object and re-colors it. A joke is one thing, an iron or iron in itself is yet another but when a joke is an iron - there's a whole narrative in that one sentence. "Joke Of Iron" sounds cool and unusual . Maybe a different pair of abstract concept and object.

Anyhow, here's today's crop. Nose improvement, pouch improvement, neck clothed and helmet for the planetFaller. WWI 1:56 gets buttons, decorations, face and helmet. I need to improve the helmet shape a bit.


JC Locke said...

How do you even start learning to do this? This looks really good!

Nadav Igra said...

Thank you very much!

Well, I suppose you start working and go from there. I've got training as an illustrator as well, which has been very helpful. Practice is important; theory is also important.