Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The German Emperor in sunlight

What's up?

recap for newcomers: I'm a novice sculptor and professional illustrator learning how to make miniatures because I like table top games and I want to make them. I'm also into making art for other types of games like video games and board games. Check out my portfolio there >>>>

Right now I'm working on a 1:52 scale historical, a 1:35 science fiction figure and other projects not depicted. The work is mainly done in Green Stuff or PSI Kneadatite. If you have any questions or comments go ahead and post them and I'll do my best to answer.

Completed the "28mm" Kaiser Wilhelm II. The scale is actually 1:52 or 32mm total height of a 1.80 meter person. I am really impressed by how the work on the 1:72 guys translated into a marked improvement in the 28mm scale. I must have internalized some important lessons. 

I'd like to start more ~28mm characters soon.

The planetFaller got a back armor plate that looks like a grumpy frog, in retrospect. I sculpted a small pouch and started on the rifle and a knife. The gun is a major bottle neck right now for the completion. As I'm working on it I can do some additional gear what with the back plate being on and all. 

This is also here, I will showcase them better when finished.


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