Friday, 8 February 2013

Kaiser Wilhelm II 1:56 (28mm)

He just needs a little bit more love and he'll be finished. I really want to improve the cape some. Right now it clings to his body somewhat but it'll serve me as a base for adding it in more drapey fashion.

I added the forhead plate/visor compartment to our planetFaller. Look, I'm scared to start sculpting the gun. Alright? I don't want to screw it up so I haven't started yet. I'm also afraid that when I'll finish it will mean I'll need to move forward with the crowdfunding/marketing part; it's daunting to understate things. 


Stargazer said...

Hi Nadav,

I am sorry I hadn’t time to take a closer look and write a longer comment during the last days. Was busy with preparations for some assignments my employer has tasked my with.
But never mind, back to business:

FOW miniatures: As great as always – I told you: I really like them! I am keen to see how they come out.

The Bundeswehr project: Don’t know if I commented the last progress: really like the outcome so far! Waiting for further progress ,-D

Kaiser Wilhelm – lol … I didn’t know you are into something like this, but I really like it! Your Kaiser looks really great, but there is one thing I would like to add: Wilhelm II ( I guess that is the one you were aiming on) had a plexus injury on his left arm so he wasn’t able to move and train his arm. As a result, this arm was much shorter later on and really hard to move, which made a movement like on your figure nearly impossible. But away from that – I really love this guy. Would buy him immediately ;-D Well done!

The planetFaller: To be honest, I am not really convinced by this name … Maybe because falling is for me a more accidently way of getting onto the surface, smashing onto the ground and stuff, but nevertheless great work!
I really like the details and the time you are devoting into this project is absolutely stunning. The outcome is terrific! Much better than a lot of other miniature sculpters.
Regarding the crowd founding: I am no business man, I am not thinking about using money much effective, but I am someone who often thinks with his heart and from that on I can say: Don’t think about this crowdfounding idea too much. It is hindering your progress. Just get some things done and then decide if and how you want to crowd found some things. I don’t have an idea on how much such a project costs, I think other guys like black hussar can help you more with that, but I my opinion one figure is much too less to be afraid of marketing your project. (but nevertheless I understand your fears – every chapter I get closer to the end of my book I get the same feeling)
But - to say it in a simple way: If you are sad – stop being sad and be awesome instead ;-D

All the best


Nadav Igra said...

Woha! That's a long comment. Thanks for all the compliments.

I really do need to get going with the Bundeswehr. I should finish them soon.

I knew about the Kaiser's hand, I guess it might be inaccurate as it is. I hope he'll be available soon enough.

The name isn't set in stone but it has some ring of authenticity to it as a Drop Troop will perform a "planet fall" sort of like a "beach head". The word "chute" originates from "falling" so Para-chute is protection or defense against falling. Grav-chute, for example, means gravity falling.

I think you're right about not concentrating to hard on the business aspect so it hinders me but then again, I really do need to pay some attention to it.

Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed it. I will now be awesome.

Stargazer said...


ah, okay, didn't know you knew about the hand, but as I said: I really like the miniature. It is just a thought I had on it.

concerning the fallers. Yeah, I guess it is more my assiciation. As I said: I German, fallen or falling is more associated to a movement downwards you intentionally wanted to prevent from happen. But it is okay.
I more thought of it as some kind of nickname. Had some ideas though, all more military short terms like

ODIN: Orbital Dropped INfantry
MASS: Marsian ASsault Stormtrooper/Shocktrooper/Soldier
or something German:
MARS: Marsianische Angriffs-Raum-Sturmtruppen (Marsian Attack Space shock troops) or so ;-D

And concerning the marketing: Yeah, I know. That is a thin red line. But I guess you have some great ideas and I am sure if you ask some of the manufacturers and sellers for example in AAG forums, you will get an answer.

So don't give up ;-D

As you were