Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Das boot!

Things that were added: 

Chin straps, a set of magazine pouches, a boot and a pant.


I hope the leg is proportioned well. It's looking better. Considering adding one more set of magazine pouches. I'll definitely do a couple of smaller grenade and misc. pouches.

Next steps: 

I'll get around to his right leg after I finish everything else and remove the figure from the mount so I can have all around access to it. He's going to get a helmet and some more pouches.

Question to readers: 

Comment if you have an opinion. How do you feel about bases for 1/72 or the colloquial 20mm scale miniatures. Should he come with a tab, a round base, an organic kidney or droplet like base or something else entirely? A textured base, a geometric one?

It looks quite lumpy and ill defined so up close but it's really very tiny(so it's okay because those lumps are actually atoms).

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